Frequently Asked Questions

IMC provides a variety of costume styles with varying levels of detail and sophistication.  Costume pricing ranges between $2,500 and $7,500 for initial prototype costume and discounts are provided for additional duplicate costumes.  IMC specializes in the production of large volumes of costumes and provides significant multiple costume purchase discounts.

Prototype costume development usually needs upwards of 140 production hours including time required for pre-production meetings, materials acquisition and design reviews.

IMC has the flexibility and capacity to provide new costumes within 2 – 4 weeks when needed.  The costume process includes; Needs Assessment, Costume Illustrations and Approval, Materials Selection and Procurement, Costume Development, Design Approval and Shipment.  The process usually requires 8 – 12 weeks of lead time when factoring in IMC’s current ongoing production commitments.

IMC provides character design development services and works with you to develop your own unique mascot costume character.  This service is provided free of charge or obligation to purchase a costume from IMC.  Upon ordering a costume from IMC the rights to the costume design become the property of our customers and the cost for the design is included in our costume pricing.  There are no additional design fees.

Yes!  We encourage client participation in the design development phase and can work from existing artwork or character concepts to provide IMC costume illustrations to create a functional mascot costume designed to accommodate the proportions for a range of costume performer sizes.

IMC costumes accommodate a wide range of performer sizes.  We recommend a 4” variance in performer height range (ex: 5’6” – 5’10”) for each costume. We have produced costume for performers ranging from 4’ in height to as tall as 6’6”.

Costume weight varies greatly and is dependant on the design of the costume.  A typical IMC costume weighs between 15 and 20 lbs or 7 to 9 kg.

IMC costumes are designed to be as light and comfortable to wear as possible.  We provide both single and dual fan ventilation fans in our costumes displacing over 90 cubic feet of air per minute and reducing inner costume temperatures by over 25%.  We incorporate ventilation screening to further improve costume breathability and augment this with our performer Cooling Vests, Neck Wraps and Beanies.

IMC costumes are easily be cleaned by our clients when utilizing the costume cleaning instructions provided in your IMC costume manual. You may also choose to have IMC periodically service your costume, IMC provides an extensive range of costume cleaning, repair and refurbishment services.

IMC costumes incorporate a variety of performer vision options and are designed to provide maximum performer mobility.  Performer and performance safety are a top priority in all IMC costume designs.

As with all clothing, life span varies with the amount and type of usage and frequency of cleaning.  Typical IMC costumes will last for several years when properly maintained.

Yes, all IMC costumes include a one-year warranty on materials and costume construction.  In addition, IMC provides a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.  Simply put, if for any reason during your costume’s life span if you have a concern with your costume IMC will make the necessary adjustments as may be needed to ensure your IMC costume meets with your expectations.

IMC pioneered the use of closed cell Plasti Zote foam costume construction over 25 years ago.  This lightweight foam is combined with variety of soft open cell foam products and synthetic fabrics to create attractive, durable and easy to maintain mascot costumes.

IMC factors costume packaging for shipment into each costume design.  We strive to develop costumes which when packaged for shipment can be transported quickly and economically.  IMC has coordinated costume shipments to over different countries globally and has the experience to assist clients with the most challenging of costume shipment logistics.