Mascot Clothing and Props

Mascot Clothing and Props can elevate your costume and get the most out of special occasions and events. Accessories can be incredibly practical like fans and gauges that help regulate temperature inside the costume, or they can be purely for fun like hats or sports gear.

Performer Cooling Accessories

Performer Cooling Accessories are a vital part of a mascot costume for warmer weather, as well as for performers who will be getting active in the costumes. Mascots are not easily temperature regulated, and as such can get very uncomfortable for performers in the costume for long periods of time. Our cooling accessories determine changes in temperature inside the costume and can help reduce the internal temperature. If you live in a warm climate or know your performers will be wearing the mascot costume for long periods of time, cooling accessories can significantly improve the comfort level of performers inside the costume!

Mascot Clothing

Changing your mascot costume’s outfit can help make a greater impact with your performers. Seasonal outfits such as beach wear, Santa costumes, Halloween costumes. or graphic t-shirts featuring the season or holiday can help you get the most out of your mascot costume. If your mascot will be performing at specific events, a special outfit can get a great reaction! Clothing such as graduation cap and gown, referee outfits or sports jerseys, or even tuxedos are just a few examples of the custom mascot clothing we make at International Mascot Corporation. We can design clothing that is specifically made to fit on your mascot. Make sure your mascot is dressed appropriately for the event it attends!

Mascot Props

Mascot props can elevate your mascot performance! We provide special effects and lighting that can help your mascot costume stand out. We have designed costumes that illuminate from the inside out, have illuminated components such as hats or hearts, as well as have music and recorded sound! On top of special effects, we can create custom props for your mascot costume, such as sports equipment, tools, or caricature snacks.

Interested in elevating your mascot costume with clothing and props?