Garfield mascot at LA movie premiere

Lights, Camera, Garfield: Mascots Shine at the Movie Premiere

The lasagna-loving, sarcastic orange cat is back! The Garfield movie premiered in May 2024, attracting crowds to see the film’s stars on the red carpet, with a special appearance by Garfield himself. Our team at IMC was proud to be part of the design and production of the Garfield mascot for the premieres!

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International Mascot Corporation Takes on Orlando at the 2023 IAAPA Expo

Have you ever wondered what’s new in the world of attractions and play? At International Mascot Corporation (IMC), our work revolves around being in the know about all things amusement and fun, and with that comes the opportunity to network and join in at international conferences. This year, our Atlanta team joined the roster for the IAAPA Expo 2023 in November.

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Our Top 7 Most Popular Mascots of 2023

Who would you rank as the most popular mascots of the year? As we enter into the fall, we want to showcase a few of the familiar faces who have come to life at IMC this year. Sports, popular characters, brands, and more – if you’ve got an idea or a licensed character to fill your mascot needs, we can help! Mascots can help with increasing brand awareness, promotional events, or even planning a special family event with a surprise for the younger audience.

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What is the Purpose of a University Mascot?

On the field, in the community, on your campus, there is always that one person who is easy to spot and hard to forget. In the age of social media, university mascots are even more present as they bring the community to life online and off. University mascots embody not only who you are as an organization but also your school’s values.

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Bubbles’ Road to Wishes

One of International Mascot’s clients, The Learning Experience (TLE), is using a costume we created as part of an amazing initiative. TLE is in partnership

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