Sports and School Mascots Ideas

School Mascot Ideas

Make some noise for your team! As one of the most recognizable aspects of your institution, sports and school mascots ideas offer unlimited opportunities to spread your name and make an impact. Not only do school & University mascots unite student populations, from first years to alumni, but they can also create new revenue streams through merchandise sales and the use of licensing rights. 

How can a sports or school mascot ideas help you to stand out?

  • They create a sense of belonging
  • They can entertain and give your brand a personality
  • They can help with recruitment for teams and enrolment 
  • They can promote services and programs

Did you know that university mascots can also help you stand out online? Students and fans are more likely to engage with your University mascots on social media than a member of your staff because of their personality. Discover the endless possibilities as you build your brand with a mascot!

Why Should I Invest in a Sports & School Mascot?

International Mascot Corporation has been proudly working with professional sports teams and universities to bring life to their teams through the creation of a sports mascot. We can produce a wide variety of animal-inspired mascots, with our talented team of designers and creators working with you at every step to build the mascot of your dreams. We work with durable fabrics and materials that offer lots of mobility.

At IMC, we are committed to quality. When a mascot is poorly crafted, the experience changes for an audience. Quality mascots allow you to move freely, while also levelling up your brand. Our materials are designed for durability so you can make a noise on the field without worry. A mascot brings your brand to life and can completely transform your audience’s experience. Your mascot will help to build brand recognition and create memories for audiences young and old as they find ways to relate to your audience.

On the field and off, mascots can lift spirits, making them the perfect guests for community events, fundraisers, and school events. We can produce licensed characters with proof of exclusive or usage rights and license agreements.

Check out some of our favourite sports mascots that have been created by the International Mascot Corporation over the years!

Buzz & Boomer, Winnipeg Blue Bombers

Take flight with Buzz and Boomer! This fun-loving duo has been a staple of the Winnipeg Blue Bomber family since 1984 and is known for their stunts on the field and ability to bring a laugh out of any crowd. Recognized for his rebellious attitude and sunglasses, Buzz perfectly compliments Boomer’s quiet and shy demeanour. Be ready to be charmed by their high-flying energy all season long with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers mascot!

Hunter, Edmonton Oilers

Make some noise for Hunter the Lynx, the Edmonton Oilers Mascot! Hunter has been part of the Edmonton Oilers since 2013, raising morale from behind the glass and bringing joy to Edmontonians and Albertans across the province. When he’s not at Rogers Place, you can find him hard at work in the community, racing in fundraising bike rides, rocking out to local artists at festivals, and hanging with our strongest fans during hospital visits. Did you know that Hunter was named after the Edmonton Oiler’s original owner, “Wild Bill” Hunter?

Leo the Lion, BC Lions

Let’s hear you roar for Leo the Lion! As BC Lions Mascot, Leo’s charm has brought him across British Columbia, making an impact on kids and communities all over! Ever wondered where Leo got his name? A focal point of the Vancouver landscape, the team was named after The Lions, twin mountain peaks northwest of Vancouver that resemble two guards of the city. If you find yourself in the stands, join Leo in cheering on the team with their signature fight song, “Roar, You Lions, Roar”!

KC Wolf, Kansas City Chiefs

KC Wolf is known more for his dance moves and spunk than for a bad attitude, bringing endless joy to Kansas City Chiefs fans at every game. Did you know that Kansas City Chiefs mascot is the only mascot who is also known for speaking engagements? He is passionate about helping everyone find their passions and helping to connect you with the right resources to make dreams come true. Keep an eye out for KC Wolf at the next game!

Big Jay & Baby Jay, University of Kansas

Fight, Jayhawks, fight! Inspired by the State’s history of fighting to be a free state, Big Jay and Baby Jay have served as an inspiration to the University of Kansas students and alumni to keep fighting the good fight. Baby Jay joined the team in 1971 after hatching from an egg at the Homecoming game. From alumni networking to engaging with kids, Big Jay and Baby Jay have it covered as University of Kansas mascot.

Hairy Dawg, University of Georgia

Who let the dogs out? Hairy Dawg first appeared on the scene at the 1981 Sugar Bowl and was inspired by the bulldog’s fierce love and loyalty. Hairy Dawg isn’t all bite, but he is here to intimidate anyone who tries to mess with the University of Georgia team. You can find him with the cheer team on the side, letting loose a howl each time the ball flies. As one of the most iconic University of Georgia mascots of college football, he is bound to make a good impression!

Guba & Patches, University of Alberta

Watch out, Guba and Patches are here to bring out the school spirit at the University of Alberta! Guba can be found on the sidelines for each of the men’s games, representing the Golden Bears. Patches the Panda completes the team, having joined the University of Alberta athletics department in the 1990s. While Guba is strong and fierce, Patches is enthusiastic and smile-inducing. Check out the University of Alberta Mascots today. 

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