How Do You Walk In That Thing? (And Other Curious Mascot Questions)


Mascots have made an appearance in almost every niche, from insurance to cereals, and have resonated with people around the globe in a positive way to help give even the most complicated or stuffy business a personal touch. But how do mascots feel about this? Are they happy to perform the deed? Do they feel appreciated? Do they have secrets and inside information about the brand they represent that they’d like to share? Here are some of the strange questions that mascots around the world have been asked:

Do your armpits stink?

What happens in the changing rooms after a win?

Mike, LSU’s live tiger mascot got asked these questions: Have they ever put you in the car and said you were going to the park but taken you to the vet instead? Asking for a friend. And, do you dream of cinnamon? Not sure if it’s just me, but these questions seem very pointed, as if the person asking the question already knows the answer and might know more than meets the eye.

The mascot for the University of Delaware is the Blue Hen, which makes you wonder, “Is there such a thing as a blue hen?” The answer might surprise you. The “blue hen chicken” is an unofficial breed of chicken that the state of Delaware has adopted as its state bird. The University of Delaware’s College of Agricultural and Natural Resources has worked on breeding this bird in order to solidify its recognition in the world of ornithology (the study of birds). Does that mean that science can work to make all of our mascots come alive?  Scary!

North Carolina’s Campbell University mascot, Gaylord the Campbell was asked these questions: We get that “Campbell” sort of sounds like “camel,” but do they even have camels in North Carolina? The answer is they do. They are home to the Camel Cricket, named so because of the hump on their back and FernCroft Farms is a Dromedary and Bactrian Camel Breeder, located in North Carolina’s East Coast. Gaylord was also asked, what is intimidating about a camel? Gaylord has the perfect answer, “You better watch out! I might walk really slow and drink a bunch of water!

Leinster Mascot Leo the Lion was put on the spot with this question: Who’s your favorite out of all the players’ girlfriends? He was wise not to comment.

Slider, the mascot for the Rochester Honkers was asked these questions:

Where are you from originally?

A warehouse in the Twin Cities.

Are you married?

Yes, but Mrs. Slider keeps a low profile

Was it tough, as a kid, having an oversized head?

Well, not really any tougher than it is now. Sometimes I make appearances at places with playgrounds, and it is frustrating trying to go down an enclosed slide. I’ve almost gotten stuck a few times. And I still bang my head on low doorways. Ouch.

How often do kids punch you?

More often than I’d like to think about, although honestly it’s not too bad. It kind of depends on where I get punched.

It’s great to see the mascots finally get a voice. They can be so quiet sometimes, can’t they? Do you have any questions, you’d like to ask? If so, speak up now or forever hold that thought.