Some of The Most Recognizable Mascots Around The World

Before “branding” came into play as the latest marketing goal, some of the most iconic brands in the world used mascots to make their name recognized world-wide. From the cute to the snarky, these little characters instantly connect you to the brand, like co-joined twins.

Here are some of the all-time favorite mascots around the world. Which is your favorite?

  1. Woodsy the Owl – Mascot for: United States Forest Service


Photo: U.S. Forest Service / MCT

Did you know mascots can help make money? One of the most well-known icons for the conservation of the environment (along with Smoky the Bear, of course), is Woodsy the Owl. With his catch phrases, “give a hoot, don’t pollute,” as “Lend a hand. Care for the land,” Woodsy belongs to the USDA Forest Service and is used to collect royalties that help promote the message of conservation.

  1. Snap, Crackle, & Pop- Mascot for Kellogg


Photo: Kellogg

The more the merrier. Did you know Snap went solo on The Rice Krispies cereal box until 1936, when his friends, Crackle and Pop joined him? This trio were originally brownies with large noses, ears, and gigantic hats. In 1949 they received a big makeover, evolving into what they look like today. Do you have a mascot that needs a makeover? It’s a great way to get publicity.

  1. Fruit of the Loom Guys – Mascot for Fruit of the Loom


Photo: Fruit of the Loom

In 1975, the “Fruit of the Loom Guys” brought the brand’s trademark to life on the television screen with a bunch of mascots–an apple, autumn leaf, and red & green grapes. This successful campaign increased the brand recognition to 98%. Even today, these mascots still continue to be seen on television regularly.

  1. Bertie Basset–Mascot for Bassett and Company


You’ve got to love British humor. In England, Bertie Bassett has been charming the ladies since 1929 with his sweet smile and swinging licorice cane. In 2009, he tied the knot with Betty Bassett, the first new character to be introduced by the firm in 80 years. The company gave more than 60 workers time off to attend the wedding ceremony, which saw Bertie tie the knot with his new bride, Betty. There’s so much potential for more fun with this marketing campaign. Will there be babies in the future?

Watch the festivities here, Bertie and Betty Bassett wedding ceremony.

  1. The Nodding Dog – Churchill Insurance Mascot


Churchill Insurance is one of Britain’s most well-known brands due to its famous talking dog mascot. He’s been so successful, the insurance company is promoting a plush-animal Nodding Dog giveaway. The company spokesperson said that every week they receive letters from fans requesting merchandise. He is, after all, Britain’s most famous nodding dog.

Here’s a great reason to use a mascot dog over a real dog: The first bulldog to feature in Churchill’s ads was a real dog – Lucas – but lasted for only one ad because he refused to hold a telephone in his mouth. You can create some unique and special marketing campaigns when your mascot is well-loved. In the month of December in 2002, Churchill raised £1,000s for the National Canine Defence League by releasing a CD single version of 2 Unlimited’s smash hit No Limits. Look at all the Churchill Nodding Dog products for sale on their website. This is a mascot the makes money for the company.

Of course, there are many mascots in the world and not all of them can be in the Mascot Hall of Fame, but these were some of our favorites.