Our Mascot in Action: Champa Bay Takes Flight on Military Appreciation NightChampa Boom

When you think of mascots and the military, what comes to mind? The MacDill Air Force Base and USAF 6th Air Refueling Wing are bringing an old tradition back to life! Did you know that military mascots have been around since the 18th Century? Animals were chosen to represent a military branch or squadron and would accompany soldiers to bring them luck, strengthen morale, and join them in the field. 

On November 9th, 2023, the Tampa Bay Lightning hosted its annual Military Appreciation Night in honour of the brave men and women who serve in the Armed Forces. Each year, various air force, army and navy bases are represented at the game with special events throughout the evening. This year, the USAF 6th Air Refueling Wing made a grand entrance with the first introduction of their new mascot, Champa Bay.

Our team at IMC was proud to partner with the MacDill Air Force Base in bringing out a special part of their team in their brand. Designed to look like the nose of a KC-135 aircraft, Champa Boom serves as an advocate for USA airpower. The wings, windows, and striking Air Force signature blue hair invite the audience to ask more about what boom operators do on base.

At IMC, we pride ourselves on treating every little detail with care. When bringing Champa Boom to life, we used a real flight suit as a reference for creating his uniform. Down to the last patch, Champa Boom is ready for inspection!

What is the role of a military mascot?

Since his introduction to the world, Champa Boom has been spotted hard at work on the MacDill air base, at school events, at NHL games with the Tampa Bay, and growing his following on social media. Military mascots like Champa Boom are a great way to help educate, encourage, and recruit younger generations for life in the military. Through entertaining antics and community events, a military mascot can tell the unique stories of a base and the roles of airmen and soldiers in keeping us safe. Did you know Champa Boom is one of the few Air Force base mascots in the US?

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