Georgia Highlands College Launches New Mascot Design by IMC

Is your mascot costume no longer reflecting your brand? It happens to us all. Updating your school colours, logo, or uniforms can be a much-needed refresh, but that’s not the only thing that needs to be remembered. At IMC, we’re proud to be part of your mascot design story, giving your mascot an upgraded look so it can continue to be a crowd-pleaser.

Take Bolt the Charger, the Georgia Highlands College mascot. Originally designed to resemble a medieval war horse, Bolt has been representing the GHC brand in the community, on the field, and at work with the college admissions team. To continue to make a splash with the updated college branding, IMC was called in for the next phase of redesigning the mascot costume.

Benefits of a Mascot Design Refresh

Our mascot costume designers worked with Georgina Highlands College to find the perfect mix of vibrant colours and the Bolt charm that the community loved. Our costume design process considers the mascot’s performance and mobility needed while nailing the finer details down to the last stitch of the jersey. 

Upgrading a mascot, like Georgia Highlands College’s Bolt, enhances its look and quality. A better design means it’s more durable, easier to maintain, and more comfortable to wear. An updated mascot grabs more attention, entertains better, and boosts school spirit, making it a smart investment.

Bolt is the first to greet everyone cheering on the Chargers at home games, meaning that his new look needed to be as energetic as he is, often becoming their best friend by the end of the game. With his “Get Moving” video series to help students take a break from the books, having extra mobility in the new costume design was a must. 

Bolt’s bright colours not only reflect the college’s brand but also catch your attention, so you can’t miss him on campus or at an event. Known as the champion in athletics and in the classroom, Bolt is a uniting feature as he brings together the multi-campus college with a common love from the student body. The lightning bolt design was a unique touch to tie in the logo and Bolt’s electric personality while also playing off his name.

When rebranding your mascot, consider who will wear the mascot costume, how you want to use your mascot, and what traits best represent your school or university. Once we’ve got all the details we need, it’s time to get stitching!

Can you see the difference from Bolt’s old look?

Interested in seeing our work up close and personal? Take a look at Bolt’s welcome back to Georgina Highlands after his stay at the Mascot Rehabilitation Centre!

Video courtesy of Georgia Highlands College

Create Your School Mascot Design with IMC

Whatever the event or season, we offer custom mascot clothing, such as sports jerseys, uniforms, graduation caps and gowns, and more! Don’t just take our word for it. Check out some of our past school and university mascot costume designs for yourself! 

If you are interested in redesigning your mascot’s wardrobe or creating a new mascot design for your brand, contact us today and request a quote!