Play Ball: Mascot Mania Brings out School Spirit in Edmonton

Ready, set, play! On June 14, 2023, over 7600 students and staff from schools across the Greater Edmonton area joined the Edmonton Riverhawks at REMAX Field this summer for a day of laughter, bonding, and mascot fun. The Edmonton Riverhawks take baseball to the next level with a Fan First, Fun First approach to the sport. Through themed games that can connect to a wider audience, the Riverhawks are not the first to bring together mascots from across a city.

At IMC, we partnered with the Edmonton Riverhawks to produce River and Kid, and we were excited to see them on the field with more familiar faces. Each of the mascots participated in an afternoon of fun from frisbee tosses to races to see which mascot was the fastest in Edmonton. Mascots from the Edmonton Elks, Edmonton Oilers, and local organizations like Alberta Blue Cross, the Stollery Children’s Hospital, Edmonton Police Services, and Edmonton Fire Services were present to bring awareness to other organizations at work in Greater Edmonton.

What is your favourite Mascot moment in your community?

What is the use of mascots in community outreach?

Mascots can be found here, there and everywhere! Mascots can help you boost your marketing efforts, personify your values as a brand through their fun antics, and provide entertainment value for a community event. Through social media contests, videos, visits, and gymnastic flair, your mascot can add an element of fun when interacting with a team, business, or person. To take it a step further, when your mascot is present at an event, it draws more attention to how you are at work in your community. 

Mascots can help fuel participation efforts at events like:

  • School events
  • Birthday parties
  • Opening ceremonies
  • Field days
  • Sponsored city events
  • And more!

More often than not, mascots are designed to embody a cause by bringing it to life. Break the ice with community bonding, encourage participation, and create a supportive environment that fuels joy and excitement by having your mascot join in for the next community event!

How can I create a mascot?

Bring your brand to life with a new mascot! At IMC, we believe in empowering businesses globally as they serve their communities. If you have a mascot design and are interested in taking the next step, partner with us as we give life to your brand! Whether you are going through a rebranding or are looking to add a new face to your brand, we can help! We offer customized illustrations and mascot design services to help you find the right look for your business or event. Design your mascot today and meet the newest member of your team!