Lights, Camera, Garfield: Mascots Shine at the Movie Premiere

The lasagna-loving, sarcastic orange cat is back! The Garfield movie premiered in May 2024, attracting crowds to see the film’s stars on the red carpet, with a special appearance by Garfield himself. Our team at IMC was proud to be part of the design and production of the Garfield mascot for the premieres! 

Since 1978, Garfield has been the most recognized orange cat in comic history. He is known for his sly looks, round body, and charm, which made him a household name. The new Garfield movie returns to his classic look from the 1980s when he first hit the big screen in Garfield and Friends


Don’t text, I’m on my world tour.    #GarfieldMovie is NOW PLAYING exclusively in movie theaters. Get tickets!

♬ The Garfield Movie Is Now Playing In Theaters – Garfield Movie
Video Credit: @garfieldthemovie

Creating the Garfield Mascot

In collaboration with Sony Pictures Entertainment, we proudly crafted 38 Garfield mascot costumes, each meticulously designed to embody his beloved cartoon features and proportions from the movie. These costumes were shipped worldwide to 36 countries, setting the stage for premieres in vibrant cities like Los Angeles and London, England and movie promotional tours in Ireland, South Korea, Brazil, Italy, Spain, and Chile. Chosen for our renowned quality and ease of wear and transport to every event, our mascots captivate audiences with their charm and versatility, ensuring every event is a spectacle to remember.

How Can Licensed Character Mascots Take Your Special Events to the Next Level?

Using mascots at the red carpet premiere of animated movies like Garfield is a great way to create excitement and engage the audience. These life-sized characters bring the on-screen favourites to life, giving fans a fun and interactive experience. Unlike live-action movie premieres, where the actors draw attention, mascots make the event more lively, drawing media attention and boosting social media buzz as actors and fans interact and have fun posing for the camera. Mascots at launch parties or on the red carpet provide great photo opportunities and fun interactions, making the premiere memorable and entertaining for everyone.

Bring Your Licensed Characters to Life with IMC Mascot Design

At International Mascot Corporation (IMC), we specialize in bringing your licensed characters to life through expert mascot design. With the rights to produce your beloved characters, trust IMC to create high-quality, engaging mascots perfect for various events and settings.

  • Launch Events: Make a splash at your product or movie launch with a memorable mascot appearance.
  • Theme Parks: Enhance the visitor experience with beloved characters roaming your park.
  • Promotional Campaigns: Drive engagement and brand recognition with eye-catching mascot appearances.
  • Corporate Events: Add a fun and unique element to your corporate gatherings with customized mascots.
  • Charity Events: Delight attendees and draw attention to your cause with character mascots.

We work with licensing agents to design and produce popular licensed character mascots for your unique needs. At IMC, we take the extra step in our design and prototype stage to ensure you receive the highest quality mascot for your needs, down to the last detail. Partner with IMC to produce licensed characters that captivate and entertain your audience, no matter the occasion.